Local Business Spotlight

At Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC we are embracing our locally owned and operated businesses with a local business spotlight. Since we have joined the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce we have really focused on helping out our community. This week we would like to focus our local business spotlight on Jimmy Stout with Take It 4 Granite!

Let’s Welcome Jimmy Stout With Take It 4 Granite 405-550-8946

Jimmy Stout, owns and operates Take It 4 Granite LLC, a locally owned and operated granite company in Edmond Oklahoma. They provide all types of granite installation for builders, new construction and remodel projects in the state of Oklahoma.

Take It 4 Granite LLC is a full service granite company that provides onsite inspections for accurate measurements. They are fully equipped to handle fabrication and the installation as well as custom fabrication on site if needed. This granite company in located in Logan County, Oklahoma at 2925 E Waterloo Rd., Edmond, Oklahoma 73034 which is just west of I35 between Sooner Rd and Coltrane Rd.

Jimmy Stout and family. Jimmy is the owner of Take It 4 Granite LLC in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Jimmy’s Background

Jimmy has been working in the granite industry since 1997. He had been working for a painting company and his best friend, Jack, worked at a granite company called Mainus Marble and Granite in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Jack had been pestering Jimmy for about 3 years to come work with him. With some coaxing, Jimmy finally did go to work with Jack where his journey as a granite man started. Jimmy worked for Mainus Marble and Granite for about 17 years and with the support of the owner, Jimmy created his own granite company called Take It 4 Granite.

Take It 4 Granite is based in Logan County, Oklahoma located at 2925 E. Waterloo Rd. between Sooner and Coltrane on the North side of Waterloo.

Meet Evan, he is one of the crew at Take It 4 Granite LLC
Granite Vanity With Undermount Sink

Jimmy has deep roots in Guthrie, Oklahoma but he services the entire state of Oklahoma. From new construction projects to remodels, you can count on Jimmy Stout and his team at Take It 4 Granite to take care of all of your granite needs.

Jimmy loves his family and this town. He has grown up here in the Guthrie area, where he has raised a beautiful family and built a business that you can count on every time. Jimmy is as dependable a friend as they come and he would do anything for anyone in need. He’s a little rough around the edges but Jimmy is the kind of people you want to be around and do business with!

Take It 4 Granite LLC

Take It 4 Granite

2925 E Waterloo Rd.

Edmond, Ok 73034


Let’s Welcome Erin King to our local business spotlight!

Please help us in giving a warm welcome to Erin King. She is a Guthrie based yoga instructor and she also provides non-toxic home cleaning and organizing services in and around the Guthrie, Edmond, North Okc and surrounding areas.

Erin is a yoga instructor in Guthrie, Oklahoma and she also provides non-toxic home cleaning and organizing services in the Guthrie, Edmond, North Oklahoma City, and surrounding areas.

Erin’s Story

Erin is a single mom with 3 wonderful kids and they all have a heart of gold. They live here in Guthrie, Oklahoma and they are embedded here in this community. Erin and her family are the type of people you want to be around and do business with. They are so warm and welcoming and just all around great Christian people. Erin and her crew are the type of people we seem to gravitate towards. At Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC, we have been truly blessed to have great customers like Erin. She may not realize it, but she is such a pleasure to work with and her kids are so polite and fun. It has been great to get to know them and help them learn about what we do at Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC.

Erin’s Credentials

Erin, has some incredible credentials to her name as well. This let’s you know she is serious about what she does and she takes great pride in her work! She is a certified Christian Yoga Association Trainer and she teaches all levels of private and small group yoga sessions in the Guthrie area.

Erin’s Contact Info

If you would like to get in touch with Erin for either of her great services you can reach her by email at: [email protected] or you can give her a call at 405-924-4297

Erin King – Yoga Instructor – Non Toxic Home Cleaning & Organizing Services