Wildlife Management Consultations by Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC


  1. Damage Inspections:

  • Importance of damage inspections to assess the extent and nature of wildlife damage
  • Common signs of wildlife damage to look for (e.g., gnaw marks, droppings, tracks)
  • How to conduct a thorough damage inspection and document findings
  1. Management Options:

  • Overview of wildlife management strategies (e.g., exclusion, habitat modification, repellents)
  • Tailoring management options to specific wildlife species and their behaviors
  • Balancing wildlife conservation with effective management techniques
  1. Trapping and Relocation:

  • When trapping and relocation is an appropriate management option
  • Importance of using humane trapping methods
  • Legal considerations for trapping and relocation in Oklahoma and local regulations
  1. Nuisance Wildlife Control:

  • Identifying and addressing common nuisance wildlife species in the area
  • Strategies for preventing wildlife intrusion into homes and businesses
  • How to safely and effectively remove nuisance wildlife from properties
  1. Wildlife Services, Wildlife Damage Repair:

  • Importance of timely and proper repair of wildlife damage to prevent further intrusion
  • Common types of wildlife damage and associated repair strategies
  • Recommendations for finding qualified professionals to assist with wildlife damage repair
  1. Wildlife Management for Municipalities, Businesses, and Residents:

  • Benefits of implementing effective wildlife management practices in urban areas
  • Role of municipalities, businesses, and residents in wildlife conservation and management
  • Collaborative approaches to wildlife management between stakeholders