Oklahoma Wildlife Control Services

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Are you looking for the best wildlife control company in Oklahoma? We are experts in the field of animal control and  wildlife removal services.

We are a full service pest control company specializing in wildlife damage management, exclusion and prevention services in Oklahoma. We also offer home maintenance, insulation services, and damage repair services.

We are based just north of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and we are licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to offer animal control services for nuisance wildlife in the state of Oklahoma.

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Skunk Bait Wildlife Control LLC-Raccoon Trapping And Removal Services

Raccoon In Trap-Wildlife Trapping And Removal Services In Oklahoma


List Of Wildlife Damage Management Services


  • Commercial and Residential Mole and Gopher Control Services- We provide non-toxic mole and gopher control services in the Guthrie, Edmond, Okc, Midwest City, and surrounding areas. For more information or to schedule an appointment for services click here

  • Animal Damage Inspections- We provide 3 levels of inspection when we come to your home. You will receive a ground level inspection, an attic inspection, and a roof inspection so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible service for your time and money.

  • Predator Control Services- Coyote, Fox, Badger, Raccoon, Bobcat, Feral Cat,

  • Beaver Removal Services
  • Dead Animal Removal Services (We are not equipped to handle animals larger than deer).

  • Goose Control and Relocation (We do have the SCGP Permit for egg addling and goose relocation)

  • Turtle Management

  • Pigeon Control

  • Bird Netting

  • Commercial Wildlife Management Services

  • Wildlife Prevention, And Exclusion Services

  • Commercial and Residential Ground Trapping Services- skunk removal, opossum removal, raccoon removal, mole and gopher removal, snake removal, armadillo removal, rodent control, squirrel removal,

  • Removal Of Trapped Wildlife Animals

  • Water Trapping Services- Beaver, muskrat, turtles, nutria, snakes
  • Sick And Injured Animal Removal Services


Wildlife Prevention Product Sales And Installation Services

Home Seal Ups And Home Repair


Insulation Services

  • Insulation Removal
  • Attic Remediation
  • Air Gap Sealing In Attic
  • Spray Foam
  • Adding Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Insulation Inspections

Attic Clean Outs

  • Raccoon Feces Removal And Sanitation
  • Debris Removal
  • Biohazard Removal Services




Water Trapping Services

Water Trapping Services: Beaver, Otter, Muskrat, Nutria, Turtles, Snakes

We offer annual water trapping services to home owner associations, city government agencies, state agencies, airports and farms in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Beaver
  • Beaver Dam Removal
  • Muskrat
  • Otter
  • Nutria
  • Turtles
  • Snakes

Beaver Trapping Services

Beavers are amazing creatures! Beavers are the largest rodent in North America. Growing up to over 80 lbs. They can build complete ecosystems by just their teeth, feet and tails. By damming up water ways like creeks or streams, they can raise the water column creating a pond or a marsh which is a welcome habitat for so many other wildlife species. This damming can cause flooding to roadways, they chew down trees (sometimes very expensive trees) to build their homes which is a nuisance to many people that own the trees they chew down. For more information on our beaver trapping services please call us at 405-464-2121 or click here to schedule an appointment.

Beaver Dam Removal Services


Animal Control Services In Oklahoma

Animal Control Services

We offer paid animal control services and assistance to government agencies or pest control companies. We DO NOT offer free animal control services and we are not affiliated with any government agency or county animal control agency.

We are a private nuisance wildlife control company that offers animal control and professional wildlife services to residents of the state of Oklahoma.

We often get calls for emergency animal removal, or ground trapping services for armadillos, skunks or raccoons. We also offer water trapping services, non-toxic mole and gopher control, animal damage inspections. We specialize in wildlife damage management which includes prevention, attic remediation, insulation removal and replacement, wildlife proofing, and home repair services for damages caused by nuisance wildlife.

Mole And Gopher Removal Services

Mole And Gopher Control

Mole And Gopher Removal Services


Pocket Gophers are small, brown, subterranean rodent creatures approximately 6-8 inches long as adults, and 4-6 inches long for juveniles. These under ground critters like to eat the root systems of several different types of grasses that we like to plant in our yards like bermuda, fescue, zosia, and other types of grasses. They will also eat ornamental plant roots, and even young tree roots.

In some cases, as these animals feed on the root system of the grasses or shrubs, it will kill the plant or discolor the lawn.

These pesky critters have even had movies made such as Caddyshack because of their destruction. They can cause a yard to look like a mine field in just a few days. Pocket gopher tunnels can be as deep as 12-18"  deep or as shallow as 1-2 inches deep depending on if it is a feeder tunnel or a main travel tunnel.

Gopher Damage To Lawn And Lawn Equipment

As gophers excavate their tunnels looking for food they leave large mounds of fine dirt on top of the grass. These large mounds of dirt can cause damages to lawn equipment, as well as create a tripping hazard. Shallow tunnel systems may even cause injuries to animals and people. Horse and cattle ranches have large livestock that could injure theirselves as they step in these tunnel systems

We have a mole and gopher removal specialist on staff that has been trained to trap gophers and remove these subterranean animals. Gophers typically will leave large mounds of fine dirt piled up on your lawn. We offer gopher removal services in Guthrie, Edmond, Oklahoma City, and surrounding cities. For more information on our gopher control services please give our office a call at 405-464-2121 or you can schedule an appointment online.

How To Get Rid Of Moles, Voles, and Gophers In Your Yard

The first step to being able to remove moles, voles or gophers from your yard is diagnosing which animal you are dealing with. Moles will usually have raised tunnels in the yard that go all over the place. These feeder tunnels are shallow and are not good locations to set traps in most cases. Voles are small critters similar to the size of a mouse and they ear grain type food like seeds and nuts. Gophers typically will have large mounds of fine dirt and they will stuff food in the pockets in their cheeks so they can store their food in their tunnel systems.

Animal Control Services In Oklahoma

Guthrie Animal Control Services
Raccoon In Trash

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control offers animal control assistance services for city entities, county agencies, townships, and government agencies in the state of Oklahoma. We offer emergency services, contract services, and assistance to all of these agencies.