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Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control offers squirrel trapping and removal services in the Edmond, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, and surrounding OKC metro areas. Squirrels are a common pest that gains entry into attics through damaged soffit vents, damaged soffits, and even going through the roof vents. They can cause damage to wiring, insulation, ductwork, and more. The most common form of control is trapping and exclusion. They are cute and fun to watch until they get inside your home. At Skunk Bait Wildlife Control, we can assess your situation by performing an animal damage inspection that will consist of a ground-level inspection, a roof inspection, and an attic inspection to determine the best course of action to help you resolve your problem. For more information on our squirrel removal and prevention services, please contact us.


Non-Toxic Mole and Gopher Control

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control offers non-toxic mole and gopher control services in the Edmond, Oklahoma, and Guthrie, Oklahoma areas. Moles and gophers can turn your beautiful yard into a mess in a matter of minutes. They pile mounds of dirt on your grass. Their tunnels are dangerous to walk over because you cannot see them. If you have horses or livestock, they could injure their selves. At Skunk Bait Wildlife Control, we offer non-toxic mole and gopher control services to remove the pests for good. Whether you live in the city, the country, on a ranch, a farm, or a newly developed housing addition, you will probably run across these pesky little burrowing creatures. Moles and gophers are commonly mistaken, and treatment methods can be costly when the damage is misdiagnosed. Moles typically have shallow tunnels just under the grass as they feed on grubs and earthworms.

If you are walking in your yard and feel your feet sink as you take a step, you may be dealing with moles or voles. Moles and gopher both have elaborate tunnel systems underground and will create mounds of dirt in your yard as they excavate their new tunnel systems. Occasionally moles and gophers will use the same tunnel systems. It is not uncommon to catch both moles and juvenile gophers in the same tunnel systems. Moles and gophers are very territorial creatures. Moles are much smaller than gophers (otherwise known as pocket gophers). Gophers can leave very large mounds of dirt as they excavate their new tunnel systems looking for food. Their diet consists of ornamental plant roots, grassroots, seeds, and other plant roots. If you have noticed that some of your plants have died and others have not, you could be dealing with gophers.

Oklahoma City Skunk Removal (405) 464-2121

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control also offers skunk trapping services and skunk removal in the OKC metro area. One of our calls we responded to was early one morning on a rainy day in the Oklahoma City metro area. We were called to address a skunk in the bedroom under the bed. That was an interesting call!!! So we bring a trap in the bedroom and slowly coax the skunk out from under the bed and then slowly coax the skunk into the trap without it spraying. We successfully removed that skunk out from under the bed in the bedroom and relocated it to one of our approved relocation sites. In this case, the skunk was just trying to get out of the rain.

We often get asked what do skunks eat? In the spring and summer, skunks are a big contributor to insect control. Their main diet is insects and dog or cat food. Bird feeders are a common source of food as well. Skunks like to eat the sunflower seeds that may drop from the feeders. We have seen albino skunks in Edmond around Danforth and Bryant, as well as a few cinnamon-colored skunks on occasion.

Skunk poop will often have insect parts throughout the feces. It is usually about the size of cat feces with insect remains very visible due to the shiny exoskeletal remains. In many areas, Oklahoma city meets right up to Edmond city limits. We service most areas around the Edmond metro area. Including these zip codes: 73044, 73034, 73025, 73007, 73003, 73013, 73131, 73120, and the greater Oklahoma City metro areas.

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control

Skunks & Rabies

Rabies is transmitted through the saliva or spinal fluid. Skunks and bats are the biggest carriers of the rabies virus in the state of Oklahoma. We get a few calls each year for sick skunks or bats in homes. Our highest priority is public safety. If your dog attacks a skunk or you have a bat in your home, one of the first questions will be, are your animals current on their rabies vaccination. This is why the annual vaccination of pets is so important. If you suspect your pet has been exposed to the virus by a skunk or a bat, or maybe you have been exposed to an animal, you should contact us immediately so the skunk or bat can be caught and tested for rabies for a fee. Please don't try to handle a skunk or a bat on your own! Please let one of our licensed and trained professionals take this.

Beaver Trapping and Removal

Skunk Bait Wildlife Control offers commercial beaver trapping, residential beaver trapping, nuisance beaver trapping, and beaver removal in Edmond, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding OKC metro areas. For more information or to schedule an appointment for an inspection, please fill out the form below.

Beaver Damage

Beavers can cause millions of dollars of damage by flooding and damming up creek systems, drainage systems, and spillways to ponds, flood control areas, creeks, and many residential area landscapes. These animals are North America's largest rodent, and they can do some serious damage in a short amount of time. If you are having issues with beavers, please contact us.


Bird jobs vary. If you need to prevent pigeons from roosting on a building, the job will usually be priced out and itemized by linear or square footage to install pigeon deterrent devices, such as spikes or installing shock track. We can also incorporate the use of trained hawks to manage nuisance birds. There may also be netting costs, pigeon trapping (or shooting) costs, and cleanup costs. Usually, a pigeon exclusion and prevention job are fairly expensive, often several thousand dollars.

If you simply have a bird on the loose, flying around in a store or warehouse or something, that job is not as expensive, but again, depending on factors related to the job's difficulty, the cost will vary. Maybe a few hundred dollars for such a job.

How much does Canada goose removal cost? There are many methods for Canadian goose control, so costs vary depending on the method. You might do a program of egg addling, or harassment, pyrotechnics, goose roundup, etc. The size of the property, the number of geese, and so on factor out in every job, and thus price, is different.

How much does woodpecker removal cost? Same thing, the size of the house matters. The common factor is that we will need to inspect to know what the best plan of action will be.

Snake Removal

If you have spotted a snake in your house or garage, then it may be time to call in the team of experts at Skunk Bait Wildlife Control to lend a hand. Here, we specialize in solving all of your snake problems, no matter how big or small.

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